Ørsdalen & Gudlen

58°40'52.9"N 6°25'47.2"E

Ørsdalen & Gudlen

Old mining site in Bjerkreim. 2 alternatives, partly challenging

How to get there

From E39, follow signs to Ørsdalen. Designated parking place

Accessibility: Partly challenging hike. Marked trails. Access to the mining site only with guide.

Duration: About 6 hours both ways.

Special conditions:

  • Park at the parking place and show respect for private land.
  • Show respect to animals along the trail.
  • Don’t forget to close gates behind you so that animals would not get away.
  • Dogs have to be on leash.
  • Leave nothing but footprints!

Geology and nature

Between 1904 and 1954 there were several periods of mining activity in this area where both molybdenum and tungsten were being taken out.

Culture and history

Ørsdal mining site (Ørsdalsgruver), located in Ørsdalen (Bjerkreim), is a spectacular and unique place. Ørsdalen is isolated, and the only access is by boat across Ørsdalen or by driving through the mountain tunnels. This was a difficult place for mining activity in itself, but what made it even more challenging was that mining was placed on top of the 800m high mountains and in the mountainside, as well as the valley.

This trip takes you past the old roads that were used by miners who had to carry the ore from the mine – more than once it makes you think of the hard and dangerous work miners were exposed to.

Pictures from Ørsdalen & Gudlen