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UNESCO landscape 

Foto: Kevin Molstad/ Destinasjon Bjerkreim

Photo: Magma Geopark

Photo: Sandra Surdal

Photo: Magma Geopark

Foto: Olav Nymoen

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Magma Geopark area is located on the South-Western coast and extends across the five municipalities: Eigersund, Sokndal, Lund, Bjerkreim, and Flekkefjord. 

Hike in the lunar landscape, enjoy the historic wooden buildings, experience the culture, go to the selfie-spots Trollpikken and Brufjell, or see the iconic houses that are built under the rock in Helleren.

Here is a lot to look forward to!


Egersund offers a wide range of organized opportunities to experience the coast, city, forest, and mountains—all in a single day! Explore the lunar landscape on your way to the world-famous Trollpikken, be inspired by the wild coastline as you see Eigerøy Lighthouse on the horizon, and return to the center to experience the historic wooden houses in their historically vibrant splendor. Delicious treats and unforgettable activities await—just an hour from Stavanger.

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– Where Southern Norway meets Western Norway. Discover wonderful experiences in this magical small town. Here, you can enjoy everything from charming wooden houses and exciting street art to iconic selfie spots, delightful niche shops, rail biking, coastal culture, and restaurants that are reason enough to visit this gem of Southern Norway.

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A small place with big experiences! You are welcome to coastal culture, protected wooden houses, salmon rivers, inland lakes, the sea, and marked hiking trails in fantastic nature. Be fascinated by the dramatic landscape with steep mountains in Jøssingfjord, relax and enjoy the good life in Sogndalstrand. Motorsport enthusiasts can look forward to testing the new racetrack at Kroheia. Stay at a cultural hotel, campsite, or maybe in Tunnelstuå? In the municipal center of Hauge in Dalane, there are several shops known for their excellent service.

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Bjerkreim offers magnificent nature and unforgettable hiking experiences – and so much more than you might expect! Some highlights you won't want to miss: Vinjakula, the highest peak in Magma Geopark; Gloppedalsura, the largest scree in Northern Europe; Bjerkreimselva, one of the best salmon rivers in Norway; and the winter paradise Stavtjørn. How about a boat trip with Ørsdølen, a guided tour of Ørsdalen mines, and local culinary delights? Many more unique temptations await you in Bjerkreim.

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Lund kommune byr på en storslått natur i alle tre bygdene; Moi, Heskestad og Hovsherad. Alle bygdene har et godt utgangspunkt for flotte turer med mange og varierte kulturminner. På vinterstid har vi Sætraområdet, med både akebakke, lysløype og preparerte skiløyper til Gauksomhytta og Sandstøl. En tur i gruvene på Gursli og Liland med guide kan ordnes. Hva med en tur opp Tronåsen? – spektakulært! Lund bygdemuseum og kulturbank med alle sine fruktsorter og eplesmaking. I Lundevannet med småbåtsenter, flere brygger og badeplasser er det muligheter for utlån av kajakk- og kanoer og annet utstyr.

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Hidra is just a 10-minute ferry ride from the mainland, a short distance from Flekkefjord. Lazy vacation days can be spent in historic outports, on swimming or fishing trips among the islets and skerries, in a kayak, or on a mountain hike. Hidra has everything an island gem should have: wild and beautiful nature, two of Southern Norway's nine outports, a vibrant coastal community with passionate people, fishing, restaurants, aquaculture, and charming little shops. Additionally, Hågåsen majestically overlooks Kirkehamn, offering magnificent views and many stories to tell.

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