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Blåfjell mines
Crash course in geology and mining history in a picturesque valley in Sokndal. >>

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Gloppedal Scree
Location of one of the largest landslides in Europe at the end of the last Ice Age, and World War II fighting location. >>

Sense the nostalgia of the oldest house in Bjerkreim and experience the beauty of its surrounding nature. >>

Geobike Egersund
Cycle through geology and cultural landscapes, from the coast to the countryside and back. >>

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Flekkefjordbanen Railbike
A railbike trip along the old Flekkefjord railway through tunnels and amazing nature is also a good way to work out! >>

Eigerøy Lighthouse
See the special geology of the Egersund-Ogna anorthosite as well as the oldest cast iron lighthouse in Norway. >>

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Gursli Mines
Walk into mining history and visit the impressive rock monument Hattesteinan on the Gursli hike! >>

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Discover the charming South, the traces of War, hidden mines and try out the delicious food in Hidra. >>

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Eigerøy Lighthouse

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