Gaudland - DNT cabin

58°23’46.596”N 6°15’8.145”E

Gaudland – DNT cabin

A challenging hike and interesting geology in Sokndal

How to get there

Parking: Follow the 501 northbound for about 3 km from the RV44. At the sign to Gaudland follow a gravel road for ~2 km to the parking place Gaudland.

Accessibility: Challenging hike. Marked trails.

Duration: 4 hours both ways.

Special conditions:

  • Park at the parking place and show respect for private land.
  • Show respect to animals along the trail.
  • Don’t forget to close gates behind you so that animals would not get away.
  • Dogs have to be on leash.
  • Leave nothing but footprints!
What Three Words
Tripoli Tivoli Turguide

Geology and nature

The walk from Gaudland to Kvidaheia (277 meters above sea level) takes about 4 hours there and back. Follow Spjodedalen from Gaudland and south of  the lake Fentjørn. About 600 m after Fentjørn cross the stream south onto open terrain. Then further on to lake Ålekjertjøm (163 m asl) and around Hedlersfjellet before walking up to the top.

Most of the walk is on anorthosite that is part of the Helleren body. However, close to Gaudland, saltic magma from deep below the surface of Earth was forced up into a crack about 300 million years later and formed a dyke. One can follow this dyke through the landscape for about 35 km. The weathering products of both jotunite and basalt give far more fertile soil than resistant anorthosite, and the dykes are largely hidden beneath vegetated valleys.


Pictures from Gaudland