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A huge rock fall in Bjerkreim. Family friendly, 0 km

How to get there

Follow signs from FV503 to the parking place.

Accessibility: viewpoint directly from the parking place.

Duration: no estimated duration

Special conditions:

  • Park at the parking place and show respect for private land.
  • Leave nothing but footprints!

Geology and nature

Towards the end of the last Ice Age, a glacier in Gloppedal valley started to melt and material carried by the ice formed a moraine ridge. This moraine dammed the river in the valley and water was no longer able to flow south towards Vikeså. A lake developed at Byrkjedal, 240 meters above sea level, about 10.000 years ago. Some time after the formation of the moraine ridge there was a huge landslide from the high cliffs on the south side of the valley at Gloppedal. Blocks as large as houses fell off the steep cliff and made a huge pile of angular, coarse scree on top of the moraine.

Culture and history

Major natural accidents produced the Gloppedal scree which is located in a valley with two lakes surrounded by dramatic mountains. The valley witnessed the powers of glaciers, as well as a major landslide that took place in Gloppedal several thousand years ago. During World War II the valley experienced heavy fighting.

The unique landscape of Gloppedal played an important role for Norwegian soldiers defending the area during World War II. The scree, with its huge blocks, passageways and hiding places served as a stronghold for the Norwegian forces when fighting with German soldiers took place here in April 1940.


Pictures from Gloppedalsura

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