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European Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks

European Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks
The 25th to 27th of September Magma Geopark successfully participated at the 19th European Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks hosted by Sierra Norte de Sevilla UNESCO Global Geopark, Spain. The Magma representatives presented to the audience the RURITAGE project and the GEOfood brand as a tool for sustainable development involving local communities. Furthermore Magma presented the GEOfood local case in our territory together with the successful case of the Portuguese Geopark Terras de Cavaleiros which certified 19 products and 31 local restaurants.
The 26th of September, in the evening, Magma organized a thematic workshop to gather UNESCO Global Geoparks interested to know more about common future projects possibilities within the development of the GEOfood brand in other European and extra European territories. The GEOfood brand got very good inputs from UENSCO Global Geoparks around the globe which aims to sign contracts to adopt the criteria in their own territories, contributing to strengthening the brand even more. That is what networking is about; sharing good practices, get to know new territories and create innovative opportunities!

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