58°28’38.36’’N 6°03’31.17’’E


2 km, Family friendly, 2 hours both ways

How to get there

Parking: Follow sign from FV42 towards Stavanger. Parking fee kr 100.

Accessibility: Easy/moderate hike on gravel and path. Marked trails. Family friendly. The path can in some places get wet/muddy, so hiking footwear is recommended. WC at the parking place. Kiosk at parking place during summer season.

Duration: 2 hours including stop. Around 2,3 km one way.

Special conditions:

  • Park at the parking place and show respect for private land.
  • Show respect to animals along the trail.
  • Don’t forget to close gates behind you so that animals can not get away.
  • Dogs have to be on leash.
  • Leave nothing but footprints!

Culture and history

The landscape where Trollpikken is situated is largely a cultural landscape formed by traditional cultivation and animal farming. You can see old land borders, fences and lakes along the trail, and if you choose to go from Trollpikken and down to Egersund, you get a unique insight into how animals and farming have shaped the landscape.

Geology and nature

The Trollpikken (Troll’s penis) became world famous in 2017 when someone decided to cut it from the mountain where it had been hiding for almost 10,000 years. When the ice retreated for about 13,000 years ago, meltwater from the glacier led to the formation of cracks in the mountains under the ice. These cracks were filled with water, and as the water was freezing, the cracks became bigger and deeper. When the ice was gone, the pressure from the ice also disappeared, and even more cracks had formed. This, along with a little luck, has led to the formation of Trollpikken.


Pictures from Trollpikken

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