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Historical and cultural sites

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Get to know the history of Egersund, the localities and interesting facts about the town. Did you know why there are so many colourful houses in Okka by? Or that we have exciting connections to, among other, the Royal family and pop king Elvis Presley? Well, you’ll find out more about it during the tour.
The city walks start every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11 o’clock from the tourist office and take about 50 min throughout July.

How to get there

Egersund is situated on the southwest coast of Norway, right in the middle of North sea route (RV44). A one-hour trip from Stavanger by train or car. Several central parking places, natural attractions nearby.

Culture and history

The name ‘Egersund’ comes from the old Norse word meaning ‘Eikundarsund’, meaning the sound between the island of Eigerøy and the mainland. ‘Eikund’ means the island of many oak trees. Eigerøy acts as a natural breakwater, shielding the mainland from the rough North Sea. The location provided excellent conditions for fishing and shipping for centuries. Fishing is important for both the town and the coastal population. Shipping used to be important but vanished along with sailing ships.

Egersund has one of the best preserved wooden houses in Norway. Archaeological finds bear witness to a settlement from the early Bronze Age ( 1100 to 500 BC). In the Viking era, there was a wharf here where royal warships were moored and where the taxes were paid. There has been a church here since the beginning of the Christian era in Norway about 900 years ago. A huge fire destroyed almost two-thirds of the town in 1843. Johan Feyer founded the Egersund Pottery factory in 1847. The factory was in operation for 132 years and contributed immensely to the industrial development of the town.  Many fine examples can now be found in Norway’s first and only Faience museum, located in the same building that the factory used to be. Since 1700 the population of Egersund has increased from 200 to 11 000 today.

Pictures from Egersund